Hypnosis Testimonials

Here are some comments regarding Hypnosis Sessions.

I went to you for hypnosis because I have had a severe gag reflex ever since age 3.

I felt like a changed person the minute you did ONE session on me.

I went to the dentist recently, and was able to do a bite wing x-ray calmly in the dental chair. Matter of fact, they had to do the x-ray 3 times because the first 2 times something was wrong with their machine.

Before seeing you, I would have gagged with anything that would touch the inside of my mouth. I used to spend thousands of money having to be sedated during dental procedures but now, I am able to sit in the dental chair, smiling and talking to everyone and I have never done that before.

I recalled being able to put myself in my calm place and that everything is going to be okay. This experience amazed me because it showed to me how hypnosis has really changed my life and my way of thinking. I am no longer the old me but a new me and it makes me feel good! Thank you so much for helping me get through this fear I had at the dentist.

~~F.C. Reston, VA

If you are looking to find healing, then come to the comforting soul of Matthew Tolford. I took part in experiencing his abilities both as an observer and also as the one who needed treatment. He takes a client into the fold of his protective quiet stillness where a person can find resolution. With his super-charged intuitive skills he knows just what to say and just what to do. His course of action is specifically tailored to the person and their situation. Matthew radiates love and light and these two magnificent qualities are telling indicators of his genuine desire to help his fellow man. Take a stroll down the path of Matthew Tolford and come away with a lightness that will set you free to step forward into the world ahead.

~~Karen Fairfax, VA

I was amazed at how quickly I ‘went under’.  This was my first time.  Matthew’s suggestions took hold immediately.  My life is changed.  I went in for anxiety about a specific situation and 3 weeks later, I am more confident and comfortable about EVERYTHING.

~~M.A.  Sterling, VA

I initially came to Mr. Tolford for help with hypnosis. I suffered from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and the inability to quiet my mind. Mr. Tolford helped me with all of these problems.  The first thing I remember was that we worked out issues with my parents and the negative emotions that I inherited from them.  After being put in a hypnotic trance, Mr. Tolford asked me to go back to the first time I ever experienced that negative emotion. I felt it strongly, and then was able to release it when I realized that it never belonged to me. It wasn’t mine to begin with. I experienced a deep sense of renewal in my life. It was as if I let go of a bunch of unnecessary baggage that I carried around for years.  Some of the other exercises that Mr. Tolford had me do included talking to my parents and even going back into my past life. It took a lot of open mindedness to go along with some of these exercises, but because I did, I experienced a spiritual awakening and a level of freedom from thoughts and emotions that plagued me.

~~Dave Sterling, VA

I wasn’t sure what to expect, if anything would come through, because I was still very aware of my surroundings in the present moment. Upon being requested to return to a “happy” lifetime, plain as day I saw myself as a young indian girl, about 15, pondering my upcoming arranged marriage while sitting in a grassy field. I was lucky because I loved who I was marrying and already knew him. I couldn’t see my “Indian” father, but felt a close relationship with him and knew he took great care in arranging this union. I was asked to go to another significant moment in that lifetime, and what appeared was a common moment of living in a hut (rectangularly shaped – was surprised it was not a t-pee) with my family. I just saw a couple kids moving about while I was doing ordinary household things. I was so happy, so at peace, didn’t have any wants. My mind was clear. Then I was asked to go to an hour before my death. I wasn’t that old, maybe in my late 50’s or early 60’s, but was lying with several blankets on a cot of some sort. I wasn’t in pain. I could only see an adult male son in the room, I got the sense that my husband had already died. When asked what my experience was after I left this life, I felt such peace and was “told” that this Indian lifetime was a reprieve/vacation for me because I had lived many difficult lives. When asked what lessons I learned, what impressed me the most was the simplicity, peace, and joy-in-the-NOW and joy of everyday feelings. I had no yearnings, I was satisfied and “filled up.” I felt real love from my parents and love from my husband and children. It was as if this was the way it was designed to feel. It was very similar to spiritual/holy love. I enjoy thinking back on it now, bringing that peace with me, rather, knowing it is in me, and it has helped me connect some dots in my current life.

Past Life Regression ~~L.L. Fairfax, VA